Модернизация Т-72 (Италия)

Ctrl c + Ctrl v Т-72М1 в новой венгерской подветке как-то

Надо к нему добавить ыщё , есть вариант модификации от компании Currus:
Новые дымовые гранатомёты, СПО, ДЗ, апгрейд электроники, новое СУО по требованию, система свой-чужой

Пакет апгрейда (осторожно венгерский)

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А почему бы и да? А нет инфо по подвижности? Там новый блок управления движком и коробкой, но не понятно есть ли эффект от этого

Скорее всего это вот это:


A transmission control unit (TCU), also known as a transmission control module (TCM), or a gearbox control unit (GCU), is a type of automotive ECU that is used to control electronic automatic transmissions. Similar systems are used in conjunction with various semi-automatic transmissions, purely for clutch automation and actuation. A TCU in a modern automatic transmission generally uses sensors from the vehicle, as well as data provided by the engine control unit (ECU), to calculate how and when to change gears in the vehicle for optimum performance, fuel economy and shift quality.

экономит топливо ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯

С соседнего форума:


It’s a modernized T-72M1 (which we have in game), it has faster reload at 10 rounds per minute.

A better transmission.

Hungarian ERA with around 600mm of protection against chemical rounds, can reduce penetration by 70%. It has laser warning receiver. Better stabilizer.

“It had an automatic engine and gear control, which would have enabled the tank to turn around in one place. One track forward and the other one backwards. (actually, it would not have turned in one place, but with a turning radius of about 40 cm, since there is about that much gear difference between the single and reverse gears) I saw this in action, it was surprising what the T72 can do like that. The cooling fan would have been driven hydraulically, and until it had to turn on (low engine temperature) or in emergency mode when extra horsepower is needed, it would have given - or not taken away - approx. 90-100 HP, which is required for the fan drive. The engine would have been electronically regulated to always operate at optimum power and torque, taking into account consumption. The electronics would also have selected the gears, the driver only had to choose the direction of travel. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.”
Hungarian Ground Forces - Ground - War Thunder — official forum

Можно вообще в принципе заменить М1 на эту модификацию, тем более что с учётом добавления румынских машин дефицита техники на этих рангах не будет.

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