Гайд по вертолётам War Thunder. Советы новичкам. Helicopter Guide

Несколько месяцев назад открыл для себя вертолеты, с болью и страданиями(как обычно и бывает в игре) науичлся на них играть и создал первую тему (Советы новичкам по прокачке первого вертолета), в которой общими усилиями с неравнодушными игроками делились полезностями и опытом. Недавно записал несколько видео гайдов, потому решил обновить тему как новую, т.к. старую прав редактировать нет увы.

Some advices for English speaking helicopter players:

  1. use target lock (default X)
  2. always shoot AA first, they may start shooting you with distance less than 3.5km, so better shoot them from 3.5-4km with guided missiles
  3. non-guided rockets can be used starting around 3.5km also
  4. some AA can be also killed with machinegun
  5. hover mode is not a good practice for usage, but can help on first heli (e.g. set to H)
  6. if you killed all AA(usually 4, can be 1-3 in convoy) - kill others with rockets and machinegun hanging near
  7. set button for manual roll control mode (e.g. set to backspace), helps to control heli better, also allows to adjust tilting to right/left for some helis
  8. set button for fire rocket salvo (e.g. set to middle mouse button click), but you`ll have no ballistic computer on 1st heli to kill a lot with rockets, anyway it will help
  9. create custom set of heli weapons, for Mi4 it`s 3 sets of rockets and 2 sets of guided missiles
  10. learn how enemies spawn, learn maps
  11. avoid canyon map(mountains and also hard enemies) and maps with huge mountains in general
  12. after capturing A base you need to land any friendly base to complete the task
  13. bombs are too heavy, suggestion is not to use them as heli is slow even without them
  14. use exp buffs in PVE if you have them
  15. there is a bug that leads to non controlled controlled missiles after 1-1.5h playing in PVE. If you see it - quit or struggle
  16. dont try to fight with airplanes via 1st heli
  17. sometimes it may be better to go away 1-2km and shoot tanks with guided missiles
  18. set “V” for Shooter (ATGM) camera instead of toggle view - helps a lot
  19. set Sight stabilization (e.g. F), always use it in Shooter view.
  20. set disable sight stabilization (e.g. R), helps sometimes
  21. example of cleaning enemies. flying to enemies, select AA with X, click hover at around 4.2km distance. after alignment distance will be a bit less than 4km. perfect for shooting A with guided missiles. after all AA are killed coming close and shoot tanks with rockets, others with machine gun also hovering near
  22. in case you shoot guided missile and put crosshair in shooter view just at the perfect place on an enemy, you can switch camera back to 3rd person view and rocket will fly by the selection even if you started moving your heli. you can shoot some rockets. but dont move far away from enemy.


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Пара новых обзоров по вертолетам ветки СССР

продолжение гайда с обзором двух миссий ПВЕ на начальном вертолёте СССР Ми-4АВ, который многие не любят из-за медлительности, однако он при этом является точно одним из лучших на своем БРе, если не лучшим.